A little bit about me:

I am originally from SE Oklahoma (Durant, to be specific).  Graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with my undergrad degree and later earned an MBA through on online program (due to the high amount of travel required by my job).  Professionally I have been working in IT (information technology) in and around the Dallas area for the past twenty-five years, give or take a few.

During my senior year of college I met the love of my life and moved to Dallas shortly before I graduated to start our life together.  We have been married for over twenty-five years and have two awesome daughters.  While I am an open book about a LOT of things, my family is not on that list.  This is all I will share regarding the wife and kids.  Hope you understand.

I am a fan of the great sport of golf, although I don’t get to play very often.  When I have free time, I also like to read (almost anything and everything), and obviously write.  I am also a sucker for discussing anything related to business, IT, MMOs, or working with others to help them out (if you are in need of serious help please seek a professional counselor, but I can lend an ear for the minor stuff – via social media, so others can be aware they are not alone in their troubles as well.)

That’s enough yammering about me and mine.  I hope you enjoy my work.



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