HELP!!! I need a time stop spell.

My eldest child will be leaving home to attend college, 6.5 hours away, at the end of this week.  While I am doing a decent enough job of being cool in her presence, inside I am rolling like a gelatinous cube (complete with acidic build up).  Although it is hard to let her go out into the world, and really would love to get my hands on a spell to stop time (at least for a bit), I know what is best for her is to follow her dreams.

She finished up High School with a strong performance, and despite having knee surgery her junior year, and not playing school soccer (she was on the golf team), she was offered scholarships from multiple schools (for both soccer and golf), and will be playing soccer.  She is excited, and a bit nervous.  Her mother and I are very proud of her.

Her plans are to study English and Marketing, and work in the publishing industry and write.  The girl has a good head on her shoulders, even if she has a small addiction to buying dice (which I may be partly responsible for having started.)

Good luck in college kid.  You will be missed at home.  Go out and make your mark!

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