No I don’t need to find MY voice!

I know a lot of, not all, writers do so because they have something to say.  They want their voices to be heard.  Well, let me start with two points that may initially contradict themselves –

  1. Yes, I believe that, maybe all, writers feel as though they have something to say through their work.
  2. No, I don’t believe that what we have to say requires it to be done from OUR voice.

Now, I can see where you would read this and immediately think that “this guy is completely mental”, and you may be 100% accurate on this.  However, if we are going to question my mental state, it shouldn’t be based on this.

Almost all writing takes a piece of the author with it into the work.  (If you are willing to do the leg work to prove me wrong on this, please let me know via social media that I am stupid and you plan to provide evidence to support this.)  However, most stories that have stuck with me throughout my life haven’t been those of those writing their autobiographical tales, but have found a way to step outside of themselves and represent their thoughts, long held traditions, reasons for breaking others’ long held traditions, or what ever social situation that is motivating them to act through their writing.  I am not against those that write up their life stories and share them with the rest of the world, and I concede the point that some are quiet motivational and inspiring.

The point I am making here is that probably the worst advice I ever received about writing was – “Find your voice.”  I think this entire phrase puts a lot of pressure on a writer to feel the need to represent something in their writing.  I am going to change that phrase up to say, “Find A voice (or don’t.)”  In other words, just write.  Those things that are important to you as an individual will come out in your writing, without you putting pressure and focus on them.

Waiting for that perfect way to present your message can prevent your message from getting out.  Just write.  Your message will be found by those that need to hear it and are looking for it, unless of course you don’t ever share it with anyone.  Just write.

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