Revamping the Pantheon

So after working on the first full length story, set in Aerthigin, and the death of a dear friend, I am reworking my pantheon.  Not doing a complete restructure, but am changing up some things:

  1. Removing lesser powers, and replacing them with “Avatars” – I don’t feel there is a need for intermediate powers.  My initial thought was intermediate powers could represent aspects of a major power in a more personal way, and as representatives for the non-core races (Giants, Lycanthropes, etc.)  I now believe that Avatars can provide the personal touch needed (by me).  The smaller fantasy communities don’t need a lesser diety, and can just worship the major power.  Example:  I had planned to have Giants worship a lesser power, underneath the domain of Villam (Neutral god of nature, animals, hunters, growth (agriculture), and storms).  I will now just have them be followers of Villam.  I am toying with the idea of having different cultural groups have different names for their deities, but am leaning against it.  The gods themselves would prefer that their followers call them by their true names (unlike dragons).
  2. With the death of my friend, I am going to rework one of the major powers to be a dedication to my departed friend.  Not going to give more details about that here – to avoid spoilers.

Current Pantheon (Sphere’s of Influence – Names and general alignment withheld)

  1. Justice, Duty, Honor, Guardians, Dwarves
  2. Music, Arts, Poetry, Dreams, Elves, Bards
  3. Love, Marriage, Family
  4. Wisdom, Knowledge, Inventions
  5. Magic, Gnomes
  6. Healing
  7. The Elements, Consistency
  8. Death and Judgement (Spirit Sorting), Time
  9. Luck, Gambling, Chaos, Thieves
  10. Nature, Animals, Hunters, Growth (Agriculture), Storms
  11. Greed, Strife, Murder, Corruption
  12. Disease, Suffering, Torment, Torture
  13. War, Hatred, Destruction, Vengeance, Orcs, Goblins
  14. Lust, Betrayal, Infidelity, Dishonesty
  15. Dark Places (Underdark), Dungeons

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