The 5e Paladin

Ok, small rant time.  This probably won’t be a very popular post, based on the feedback I see from players in D&D 5e, but I have to say this anyway.  The idea that paladins aren’t required to be LG, to me at least, is idiotic.  The Paladin!  The symbol of of all that is both good and mighty, and now players can be any alignment, and don’t even need to have a diety.  You might as well allow fighters to have an archetype that makes a pact with some greater being for more power as a warlock/warrior hybrid.  (BTW, I am not a huge fan of warlocks and sorcerers either, but that is another conversation.)

A whole generation of kids that grew up getting participation trophies is just now hitting adulthood, and we start to strip away the things that make our archetypal classes so that they can play them without having to do so in a way that makes sense.  I get the concept of RPG, is to role-play the way you want, but there has to be some type of framework in place that makes sense.  What’s next?  “This is my dragon.  She looks like a dwarf, has dwarf parents, can’t fly, no breath weapon, no spells, but she is a dragon – because I say so.”

Fucking Stupid!

You want to play a class that has ability to wear plate, gets spells granted from a higher power, but not be LG?  Ok, make your alignment LE and call it a Death Knight, or whatever.  But calling it a Paladin is terrible.  Use a little creativity before starting/joining this game and own that bitch!

I promised this to be a short rant, so I will stop there.

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