My Projects

Completed Projects:

“The Runaway Bride (A Ma & The Boys Fantasy Short Story)” – Published April 2017.

Current Works in Progress:

  • The full length Ma & The Boys Fantasy Novel – First Draft in progress. NOTE – Once completed “The Runaway Bride will be unpublished, as it will make up first few chapters of new book”
  • See Me (Young Adult Story) – Set in small town Oklahoma, because that is what I know, etc.  As I get closer to publishing, this will be fleshed out more for you.
  • Anthology To Be Named – Working to partner with other writers on an anthology of short stories (some longer than others) based on the theme of “Supernatural”.  We will determine the Title of the project once everyone has agreed to participate.  If interested email me.
  • Developing some story ideas for the LitRPG genre.  Most likely will be in the same setting as Ma & The Boys.  Haven’t decided yet.

Non-Writing Projects:

  • Fantasy Genre/Game Setting in Development – Bringing the world of Ma & the Boys to life as the primary voice/creator of their fantasy setting which will include elements of high fantasy, low fantasy, steampunk, and the walking dead.  Setting will be used to as a setting for game design and facilitate writing stories.
  • Beta Reading via author groups to help develop other writers.
  • Creating groundwork for collaborative writing venture, called Guild Hall Books with like minded authors. (If you are a writer and interested in details email –
  • Producing podcasts under Tech sector and working to develop topics for expanding podcast production into writing and publishing topics (May do this under the collaborative group once formed).