My Projects

Completed Projects:




“The Runaway Bride (A Ma & The Boys Fantasy Short Story)” – Published April 2017.  Buy It Here



Current Works in Progress:

  • “Joining the Circus” (The follow up Ma & The Boys Fantasy Short Story)” – First Draft in progress.
  • See Me Young Adult Story – Set in small town Oklahoma, because that is what I know, etc.  As I get closer to publishing, this will be fleshed out more for you.
  • “Dead Kennedy’s” – Historical Horror Short Story

Non-Writing Projects:

  • Fantasy Genre Setting Development (WPV Project) – Primary voice/creator of a fantasy genre setting which will include elements of high fantasy, low fantasy, steampunk, and the walking dead.  Setting will be used to facilitate writing stories from members of the writing group known as Wolfpack Publishing Venture (
  • Editing Supernatural novelette (Name withheld until published).